I have been selling on the net since 1999 and on Ebay since 1998. I have been in sales all my life helping out with my parent's honey farm ever since I was old enough to look over the counter. And I have been painting since 1965.

I have decided to simplify my life a bit and really focus on my art. I will still take custom order on Kenny and other jewelry lines and the rest of my inventory (which is still alot...sigh) is up on Ebay.

My husband handles the shipping and our 8 cats add their paws of approval to our shipping at time. Stan is retired and plays music on his keyboard. He is getting quite good. No I haven't put him out playing on street corners, this was taken outside the Art Market where I am showing in Bellingham Wa.

Check out my art, my jewelry and Ebay and email me with any questions.

Me and Zach (grandson)   Ziggy, the neighbor's cat who thinks he live here Comet

turns 20 yrs old in 2013

Oreo & Skippy
Shadow, the cat that dialed 911 (no it was not on speed dial) Goldie (the bi-polar cat)

Sheba, dumped on our doorstep as a kitten

Lily Resuced from  a neighbor you couldn't keep her