Pet Portraits by Sherry

  I work in a acrylics on canvas  for my subjects. My work is guaranteed. You also have the option of seeing the work in progress before final payment. 


& Zen Style

This is a portrait I did for a woman of her 4 cats and rabbit.  The setting I created out of my imagination


This is the more traditional style. I do a very detailed painting of your pet in a natural background setting that will set off the portrait

Zen Style

Prices below:

For those that might like a bit of the less traditional approach, here is a style I have been experimenting with. Each has emerged from the background and at the time is still part of the background. With a minimal amount of painting I try to capture the essence of the animal in the eyes and a few brush strokes. What comes forth can be quite unexpected and rather exciting at times.   If you want this style I promise a unique portrait of your pet. 

Prices below:


My Prices:

8x10  $250.00 additional pets in painting $50.00 each

11x14   $400.00 additional pets in painting $100.00 each

16x20  $700.00 additional pets in painting $150.00 each


8 x10 $150.00 ($25.00 for each extra animal)

11x14 $250.00 ($50.00 for each extra animal)

16x20 $350.00 ($75.00 for each extra animal)

18x24 $450.00 ($100.00 for each extra animal)


Will discuss prices for larger pieces

Payments can be made in 3 installments:

  • 1/3rd down at start

  • 1/3rd half way through with photos of work in progress for your approval

  • 1/3rd at completion


If you can send graphics by email that works best.

Make sure you get good views of the eyes, they are the most important part of the dog.  If the eye color doesn't show well in the photo let me know what it is.


Send me several poses of each dog, sometimes I work from several poses to get what I want or refer to other poses to give me detail I can't see in the one I am working from.

 Make sure the color is true or give me a list of their colors for reference.  Remember, I am looking at the photo and only seeing the photo, you are looking at it and seeing "your" pet. Try viewing them as a stranger would look at them.

What kinds of background colors are you partial to.
and lastly, tell me about your pet, what kind, personality etc.

Artwork is commissioned
for personal use only and may not be used for financial gain. I retain
full reproduction copyright on all my work.